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Creative Cow Design About Us

Creative Cow Design has the experience and company culture to live up to its name. Creative Cow Design started it's journey in Milwaukee, Wisconsin but has grown and added an office in Vermont to better serve it's clients. As much as we love our roots, we’re not limited to local clients – if you need email marketing, e-commerence, web development services, graphic design, or hosting and have the means to communicate with us, we will work with businesses anytime, anywhere.

Our team brings together their dynamic sets of talents to marry innovative, fun web and graphic designs with the code, Search Engine Optimization, and digital logistics you need. From sole proprietors to large corporate teams, restaurants to landscapers and anything in between, we cater our services to meet the specific needs of your business.

Need a website, but aren’t sure where to start? Don’t have a cow – call Creative Cow Design, and let us help you get your piece of the cheese. We’ll ensure your digital marketing stands out from the crowd. Meet the Team!

Graphic/Web Designer
Brad Neuser

Brad Neuser

Brad has a knack for taking designs from detailed hand drawn sketches to completely polished digital creations. He knows his web design stuff, too, always searching for the best way to combine aesthetics and functionality.

Brad is a definite web design/developer phenom. His passion lies within his creativity; his love for designing/developing websites and logos while also having a sharp eye for detail and efficiency.

While he is a collaborative genius by day, he otherwise dedicates his time to his wife, kids, sports, and his affinity for collecting Air Jordans.

Web Developer
Nathan Ellingson

Nate Ellingson

Nate is an amazing frontend developer with a broad range of skills and experience. He never minds putting in the extra time it takes to make a website function as efficiently and user-friendly as possible.

Nate is a total nerd for coding websites and loves his coffee. He also got his start working at the same company with Brad and is excited to offer web design services with Creative Cow. He enjoys mastering the latest software and web languages to continually improve the sites he designs. If there’s a technical issue, Nate’s your guy to figure it out and get your site running perfectly again. When Nate steps away from the coding, he spends time with his family, and enjoys listening to music.

Ben Ellingson

Ben Ellingson

With years of experience using various e-commerce platforms, email marketing services, & social media venues, Ben is equipped to help you up your game in multiple disciplines to achieve a higher purpose, something he's also worked toward as a competetive triathlete.

Ben's passion is synthesizing web function, email campaigns, and social media presence into a single comprehensive e-commerce universe of YOU. Not only your brand and your products, but your story, your experiences, and your values. The things that matter to you. Because what matters to you is what's going to matter to your audience. Building an allegiance of loyal customers isn't about fancy pictures and 50% Off coupon codes (although both of those elements can play a vital role).

Ultimately, it's about making meaningful connections that hold a lasting place in the hearts and minds of your community. Which is what successful e-commerce is really about. To build a business, you've got to build a community, and Ben has the experience to set you on your way.